Become a "Pit Master"

Lovers of prime meats, seasoning, fire, grilling and smokers in Central Florida, this is your opportunity to become a Pit Master with just three exclusive courses specially created by renowned Chef Luis Vázquez.

  • Overcome the fear of grilling premium meats

  • Enjoy practical and fun classes

  • Discover the most delicious cuts of meat and how to prepare them

  • Interact with other grill fans and share your experiences

  • Don't miss the opportunity to perfect your culinary skills

Limited spaces per class


Chef Luis Vazquez Soto

With an innate ability to select and prepare premium cuts of meat, his craftsmanship is at the heart of Marmoleo. Their meticulous technique in curing and roasting meat transforms each piece into a symphony of flavors. Now, this meat master is sharing his wisdom, teaching Florida meat aficionados the art of transforming simple cuts into exquisite culinary creations.

Meet the Chef


Curso de CARNES Y PARRILLA ONLINE. Aprovecha, solo por tiempo limitado la oferta del Madrugador y obtén un 50% de descuento.

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Look no further: a Marmoleo gift card is the ideal choice. With it, you are giving much more than a simple present; You are giving the gift of an unforgettable culinary experience that promises to delight the senses and enrich the palate.

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    Granted Quality

    At Marmoleo, our pride lies in providing an incomparable experience, which is based on our firm commitment to quality. We guarantee the freshness of our products, ensuring their preparation and precision, thinking especially of you.

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    Family Initiative

    Marmoleo is more than a business: it is a family initiative rooted in passion and shared values. Our commitment is to offer the best that comes from the collective dedication of our family members, who put their heart and soul into curating an exceptional experience for you.

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    Authentic Flavors

    Indulge in the authentic flavors of Marmoleo, where every delight is crafted with pride by Puerto Ricans. Our products embody the rich cultural heritage and passion that defines the Puerto Rican spirit. Marmoleo brings you a taste of Puerto Rico's vibrant and flavorful traditions.