Chef Luis Vázquez Soto

Chef Luis Vázquez Soto stands out as an emblem of culinary excellence in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Born on July 18, 1977, his passion for gastronomy was ignited at a young age, influenced by his mother in the context of a humble kitchen. This early immersion in the culinary arts marked the beginning of a dedication that would define his career.

Chef Luis Vazquez with his wife Karitza Bermúdez

Graduated in business administration, Chef Vázquez combined his academic training with practical experience, starting as a waiter and advancing to assume more responsible roles in the kitchen, such as expediter. This stage was crucial to hone his management skills in the culinary field and cement his entrepreneurial ambitions.

In 2010, he took a step forward by establishing his own catering service in a rented commercial kitchen, where he not only established his business but also perfected a culinary style that stands out for its flavor, presentation and innovation.

Standing out in their career, in 2013, Chef Vázquez and his brother Carlos were crowned Grill Masters Reserve Grand Champions in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico.

Chef Vázquez's resilience and adaptability were evident after the devastating impact of Hurricane María in 2017, adapting his business model towards a takeout service that not only sustained his venture but also supported the community in difficult times.

Additionally, in 2017, El Granero was born, a boutique prime steak restaurant that quickly became famous for its Tomahawks and the original Tembleque empanadas, establishing itself as an undisputed success.

The start of the pandemic in 2020 prompted him to transform El Granero into El Ático, a butcher shop specializing in Prime meats, demonstrating his ability to innovate and adapt to new circumstances.

In 2024, in search of better opportunities for his family and with the desire to expand his culinary legacy, Chef Vázquez moves to Lake Nona, Florida, where he starts Marmoleo, an educational project that promises to be a new reference in the culinary field. .

Chef Vázquez is today recognized not only for his El Granero Grillhouse restaurant and the El Ático butcher shop, but also as the Meat Boss for his extensive knowledge of meats, his indisputable cooking skills, his leadership capacity, his commitment to excellence. and its continuous search for innovation. His arrival in Florida with the Marmoleo project marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in his career, promising to enrich the culinary scene with his vast experience and passion for gastronomy.

Chef Luis Vázquez Soto's career, marked by his innovative spirit, his dedication to the culinary arts and his strategic vision, positions him as an emblematic figure in the culinary industry, inspiring professionals and amateurs alike.

Gastronomic Opportunities

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable culinary journey with Chef Luis Vázquez, widely known as the "Meat Boss", and let yourself be seduced by his exclusive offer of Catering and Private Dining services. With an impeccable track record and an unconditional love for top-quality meats, Chef Luis brings the essence of the most authentic and exquisite flavors to your table, promising to turn each event into a memorable celebration.

Catering and Private Dinners

Whether it is a special occasion, a corporate event or an intimate gathering between friends and family, Chef Luis Vázquez personalizes each menu to reflect your preferences and desires, guaranteeing a culinary experience that will exceed all expectations. From the meticulous selection of ingredients to the artistic presentation of each dish, the "Meat Boss" takes care of every detail so that you can relax and enjoy the moment.

Collaborations with Brands

In addition, Chef Luis Vázquez positions himself as an influential figure in the world of social networks, with 61.3K followers on Instagram and 24K on Facebook, offering commercial brands a unique opportunity for collaboration. Your social media presence not only captures the attention of an engaged audience passionate about gastronomy, but also provides an authentic platform to promote products and services related to the culinary world.

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